Delicias railway station, Zaragoza/Spain | 2008
Paseo del Agua, Zaragoza.España | 2008
Rehabilitation of D. Joao de Castro High-school – D. João de Castro Auditorium, Lisboa, Portugal | 2007
Requalification of Emídio Navarro High-School, Almada. Portugal | 2008
Fernando Guerra FG+SG. All rights reserved.
Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre, Fronteira. Portugal | 2011
Plano General
Landscape rehabilitation of two green áreas within two plots in Arroyomolinos, Arroyomolinos. Madrid. España. | 2010
Roof garden House T., Madrid | 2005
Our vision
Comprehending and decoding the existing landscape is our starting point, It’s sustainable accommodation to the human coexistence, our final goal.
We cover all Landscape áreas, from large scale as Site Design to urban and residential scales, working individually, on partnerships or integrating larger teams.
Multidisciplinary team
Including Landscape Architects and Agronomic/Environmental Engineers, qualified to develop conceptual landscape projects and full construction assistance on site.
Internacional aproach
From our offices in Portugal and Spain, we develop our work, in both National Territories and worldwide, with projects in Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and China.