Perspectiva general de la propuesta


Jinzhou. China
IFLA. International Federation of Landscape Architects
Maria Byrne. Inmaculada Molina
Perspectiva general de la propuesta
Pabellón del espacio etéreo
Los 4 elementos

Proposal for the international calling of IFLA for an idea contest for one of 20 plots as a part of a themed exhibition based on “landscape architecture and garden arts unite all peoples” in the 2013 CHINA JINZHOU WORLD LANDSCAPE ART EXPOSITION: "THE WORLD IS A GARDEN”

The proposal entitled: "The elements garden ", pay tribute to nature and cosmos interpretation and comprehension, that thru time had influenced the humanity path in western culture. According to classic philosophy, there are described five elements in representation of the five material states, allowing for the understanding of nature: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. The proposal occupies a 2.650 m2 circular plot, which is divided in four quadrants, each one in representation of the four earthly and corruptible elements – Earth, Fire, Air and Water. These four elements fluidly gather in a convergent spiral, of which arises the 5th element. This element is traditionally known as the 5th essence, representing the invisible, the emptiness, or the divine dimension. It will be shaped in a form of a cylinder pavilion, interpreting the universe. It will have an inside dark ambience, spotted with random disposed natural light tiny holes, that look like stars in a dark sky. The mirror floor, will give a kaleidoscope effect that introduces a depth perception and a void feeling experience.