• Madrid. España | 2005
    Private garden landscape project, situated in Soto de Viñuelas, Madrid in a 1600 m2 plot. The project comprises the definition of pool and surrounding deck area, as well as access pavements, orchard and consolidation of surrounding green areas
  • Madrid | 2005
    The design was based on the idea to expand the living area to the roof terrace employing clear lines and forms. The selection of plants tries to extenuate the aspect of the very present walls.
  • Arruda dos Vinhos. Portugal | 2004
    Located in the outskirts of Lisbon, this XVIII century rural mansion is actually being remodel, as well as its 1.900 m2 productive soil, restructured has a private residential garden. The garden design comprehends, a swimming pool, an ancient pond...
  • Lisboa. Portugal | 2002
    The recently concluded residence condominium include a 1.200 m2 outdoor lot, for recreational resident purposes with garden areas, lawn surfaces, pedestrian walkways, wooden decking, swimming pool and solarium. Ornamental shrubs and climbers border...
  • Sintra. Portugal | 1996
    The private residence located in the outside area of Sintra is included in a 4Ha “Quinta” mainly with agricultural soil and rotation areas. The garden has been built in consecutive phases and evolved from a small garden area with a...